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Full Version: Major breakthrough for jdast !
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As of Ver 17.3

I had a major epiphany a couple of days ago now, I have finally been able to figure out why I had so many problems with the upload testing when not using adapter hooks. This is a major breakthrough for jdast as it is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle.

I have changed the default testing method back to NOT using the adapter hooks but if you are updating then the "use adapter hook" setting will remain unchanged so you should UN-Tick it.

So now both the download and the upload testing is work 100% without using the adapter hooks, even up to 100Mb/s plus !

I would love to get a little feedback from you chaps on fiber with regard the upload accuracy now im sure iv now found and fixed the problem. Please make sure you UN-tick the "use adapter hooks" tickbox after updating.

Many thx all.
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