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Full Version: P-2812HNU-F1
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Evening all

Just wondering, did anybody ever manage to get the Administrative Username and Password for the ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1? I would like to see what it can do when its unrestricted. Plus it could be an acceptable back up should my Broadband Router ever die when I move back to ADSL2+

I'm looking to get admin access to it as well since my DRL line was shut off this week. I've emailed chess to see if they can give me an admin account. Also found this guide on how to de-brand it ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1 Unbranding Process
Username Supervisor
Password Q1w2e3r4t5y6
Your welcome
Hey @john22rob

I'm afraid it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion though. Don't suppose you have any other suggestions at all?

i enter mine as

user name is supervisor
Password is q1w2e3r4t5y6

lower case and it works perfectly on 2 diff routers

Yes, use lowercase for it all and should work fine. Stupid iPhone put capitals in front of both user name and password. I've tried this on 4 zyxel's now all from either Origin or little big one and worked fine on all
If anyone uses this router still and/or plans to use this on Openreach FTTC (uses same chipset at ECI modem) then you can get great results if you upgrade to the latest firmware.

Upgrade from the 3.11 stock chess/LBO firmware to unbranded stock V1.00-AACC.3 (1.0 is newer!). My 'Max Attainable Download rate' has jumped from 105Mbit to 113Mbit. New firmware has a more aggressive profile. Adding nearly 8Mbit of 'possible' sync to the line might do wonders for the onslaught of Crosstalk which only a few DR users have suffered!

^ First 2 images are from before (V3.11 firmware). Second 2 images are from now (V1.00-AACC.3 firmware).

Lower Attenuation result and higher SNR on the Downstream. Slightly lower Upstream sync.

EDIT: There may be an even newer firmware than 1.00 AACC.3. --> V3.00(AAKI.0)b7. Trying to get it confirmed. ZyXel do not do numbering schemes very well it seems lol. Both have the same DSL driver though! Changes are to VPN systems, minor tweaks and 3G dongle compatibility.
Those are quiet nice results!
Where did you get the eDMT util
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