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Full Version: Origin Digital Region Update
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Hi All,

Please find below Origin's update regarding the Digital Region network.

If anyone has any questions please just drop my team an email at or call us on 0800 206 23 33 from Monday onwards as the weekend staff will not be able to assist you.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Oliver Bryssau

Origin Broadband
Thank you for the update.

Just to clarify, anyone that cannot get FTTC by any other means other than DR will be moved over to ADSL?

Thats it then those who can only get fibre via DR are to be shoved back onto ADSL...Sad

Quote: I can also confirm that the build of our new network is going ahead, and will allow the majority of
Origin’s customers to
receive fibre optic broadband
I want to reassure the minority of customers that are not currently able to receive fibre
broadband that we will provide an Annex
M product at the best market price
when compared with our competitors

and the option to upgrade to a
fibre product as soon
as it becomes available

It will be interesting to see what that price is.

£10 a month from BT(10GB) with quite a few extras chucked in. Can't see the point in having unlimited download usage when(in my case)I shall be lucky(very lucky) to get 2MB
well I just checked and I can get BT FTTC at around same speeds as DR from Origin, tempted to see what I need to do to migrate and if it requires any downtime (weeks) of the line..
I may be clutching at straws here - but what about those customers who ARE currently able to receive fibre broadband - but won't be when DR closes?

Subtle wording I know but the way it reads is not crystal clear. I have requested clarification but I'm not holding my breath.
As I read it we will be moved over to adsl. Will all the cable be ripped up then. If not why can't origin take it over. Would the cost for a small is be too great.
Well, I certainly won't be paying £35/month for an ADSL connection. I really hope that BT/anyone pulls their fingers our of their collective arses and activates Sheffield exchange for Fibre.

What a shame it took this long to get news that we had already guessed. As for the "minority" of customers not being able to receive fibre, i'm not sure that's totally accurate. Seeing as there's approx 20,662 residential premises just on Sheffield Central exchange that cannot get FTTC at all.

Now to switch on 24/7 downloads and buy another external HD! Smile
Attercliffe exchange has around 23000 residential customers and 3000 business customers and no BT plans to upgrade to fibre
some parts of the catchment area can get Virginia cable though.
I find it's got to be inaccurate, the main reason(only) reason people paid to be on DR was because they couldn't get fibre anywhere else! More than 50% of the customers will not be able to get fibre by any other means

Are they going to force new contacts? The only reason I will be staying on origin till after the switch over is so my line gets switched back on to the Bt network
I would like to know if this migration to the 'new network' (presumably BT wholesale FTTC) will require customers to sign a new contract or not, because once that happens, Origin will be competing with other ISPs who are providing the same product cheaper and with some attractive perks; e.g. free or discounted BT sport and substantial introductory discounts. Changes to the package and pricing structure will be necessary if they are to retain my custom and I expect that most of the other customers who can still receive FTTC will feel the same.
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