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Good afternoon all,

my internet is up and running on Sky LLU using the sky hub.

i have the ZyXEL(this is what i bought, not Origins) router and a 2TB external HDD. The ZyXEL has a usb port and was wondering if i could basically make the HDD wireless?

i want to be able to read/write to it and give access to my laptop, Tablet, Xbox and TV.

i know some users on here have an insane network knowledge so though why not ask?!

Thinking back i shouldn't have been tight and just purchased the Wireless HDD a few months back.

thanks for any help
Whilst i've not tried to network my hard drives to the router directly, if you plug your hard drive to the USB port of your router and go into your router admin pages, it should be easy to set up
hdd is plugged in and media server is ticked, cannot find on the internet how i get to the files. no other information is provided on the router settings page
As long as you have access to the USB settings then you should be able to configure it

the following is instructions for my Archer C7 to use the USB port for Storage

Quote:Storage Sharing Help

You can configure a USB disk drive attached to the Router on this page.

Follow the instructions below to set up your Router as a file server:
1.Plug an external USB hard disk drive or USB flash drive into this Router.
2.Click the Rescan button to find the USB drive that has been attached to the Router.
3.Click the Start button to start the Storage Sharing service.
4.Click the Enable button in shared row to enable the disk to share.
5.Click the Disable button in shared row to disable the disk to share.

On this page, you can view volume and share properties such as share name, capacity, used space, and free space, etc.
•Service Status - Indicates the Storage Sharing service's current status.
•Volume - The volume name of the USB drive the users have access to. Volume 1-8 is mapping to USB port 1, Volume 9-16 is mapping to USB port 2.
•Capacity - The storage capacity of the USB driver.
•Used - The used space of the USB driver.
•Free - The available space of the USB driver.
•Use% - The percentage of the used space.
•Shared - Indicates the shared or non-shared status of the volume. When the volume is shared, you can click the Disable to stop sharing the volume; but when volume is non-shared, you can click the Enable button to share the volume.

You can access the USB Storage by the following steps:
•For Windows XP:
1.Go to Start > Run
2.Input "\\" in the dialog box
3.Click OK
•For Windows Vista/7:
1.Go to Start
2.Type "run" in the search box
3.Open the run application
4.Input "\\" in the dialog box
5.Click OK

1.The Router can automatically locate new USB drive.
2.The new settings will not take effect until you restart the service.
3.To unplug the USB drive, click Eject Disk button first. Simply pulling USB drive out of the USB port can cause damage to the device and loss of data.
4.Mounted volumes of each usb port are subject to the 8-volume limit, so you cannot access more than 8 volumes on the USB storage device.
5.If you change the storage settings during the storage connnection is established, then the changes will not take effect util the Router or the client was reboot.

Click the Start button to start the Storage Sharing service.

Click the Stop button to stop the Storage Sharing service.

Click the Eject Disk button to safely remove the USB storage device that is connected to USB port. This takes the drive offline. A message will appear on your web browser when it is safe to detach the USB disk.

Click the Rescan button to start a new scan.

It can also be configured for Media Server, FTP Server, Print Server

If you go here you can test how to configure stuff
the router doesnt pick up the HDD, it does pick up a usb stick. never mind.

thanks for the replies though
Does it show up in your network places out of interest?
how is the drive formatted - it might have to be FAT32 for it to be picked up
(17-08-2014 02:42 PM)SpencerUk Wrote: [ -> ]Does it show up in your network places out of interest?

the usb stick does, the HDD doesnt

(17-08-2014 02:48 PM)mirdragon Wrote: [ -> ]how is the drive formatted - it might have to be FAT32 for it to be picked up

the usb Stick is FAT32 and the HDD's are NTFS

in theory if i formatted it and it works, could i use Vue's to donwload things and save to the HDD connected to the ZYXEL Router and seed from it?

ive just formatted the usb stick to NTFS and it doesnt pick it up
Sounds like to me your router only picks up the file system as FAT32.
yes it would seem, do i take off 415gb from the hdd onto my laptop, format and then put back on? it would be quicker than downloading!

Looking at my ping graph i'm using all of my bandwidth just seeding at 80kb/s lol. web pages will not load while seeding... give me back DR Sad
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