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Full Version: One Way To Kill The DR Cab
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Is that the one on Brightside Lane near Meadowhall?

I've seen that totalled and replaced about 5 times over the past couple of years which always surprises me as the road layout there doesn't even make sense for it to be easy for a car to smash into it!
Oh dear! Have you got something to declare @SpencerUk?
That's been totalled for around 2 weeks now and as above, it's not the first time.

The junction now 30 yards up is quite notorious for crashes, but I too fail to see how any car manages to smash into that area.

Though what is amusing, the BT cab does seem to always get off lightly Big Grin
Must be a drunk cyclist on the pavement Big Grin
Unless its a motorcyclist no WAY they could do that much damage and certainly not without lots of blood and guts spilt.

That's the one


Counted 4 times I've seen this PCP damaged...As you say, never any damage to the BT one..ever


I ain't that bitter haha
Update: Said cabinet is no longer there..Its now sealed up.

There's also one now cornered off at bottom of Cudworth bridge so that will be gone by next week. Geo networks ain't messing about!.
I have seen a few were the power is being prepared to be disconnected.

I doubt Geo are removing them just yet, as there will be certain technical requirements that need to be fulfilled.

For one, the power has to have already been stripped. Can't just lift the box with power in place and it isn't Geo that are responsible for this disconnection.

The other is that all tie-pairs need to be freed. Not a single customer can be jumpered in the PCP to the DRL cab. Comes under the classification of network tampering just by cutting out the tie-pairs.

The likes of that on Brightside come under emergency work and I highly doubt anybody was jumpered to it anyway.
(21-08-2014 08:26 AM)SpencerUk Wrote: [ -> ]Haha

perhaps this is the answer to getting the tags removed?
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