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Full Version: Signed up with Zen
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Signed up with Zen just now

Phoned up, and straight through without any music!

The lad at Zen new all about Digital Region / Origin / no MAC codes

They are now sorting out getting the "tag" off the line

"Unlimited Fibre 2" product so should be quicker than what I was getting

Will report how this progresses
I'm wanting to go with Zen too, did you choose their landline package? My current landline provider is with BT and it cost extra £4.50 with Zen to stay with BT, so I am wanting to move my landline to Zen.
Do I have to tell BT that I am moving landline before placing order with Zen? Because I don't want to be without a phone if BT cut me off.
Do I have to tell Origin I am moving, already got my MAC code from them but didn't say if I was moving or staying with them yet, I said i'll think about it.

Any advice much appreciated

Edit: Just read this link to give myself an answer for the BT landline query

Guess I'll just sit on hold with Origin for an hour, see what they say
Yes I took the landline option - currently with BT but not on a very good deal there.

You don't have to tell BT, Zen will sort this out

Again you don't really need to tell Origin, although I would advise dropping them an email

When did you get your MAC code from Origin?
According to the guy at Zen, they aren't in a position to give out MAC codes anymore as Digital Region (the actual supplier) are no longer in business

BTW cost breakdown:
£12.87 Line rental
£0.75 Caller ID
£5.51 Anytime minutes
£25 Unlimited Fibre 2
£8.83 VAT
£52.96 Total
Thanks baz will do that, and I got my MAC code from Origin on the 17/08. They told me they had a bunch of MAC codes ordered previously and had mine. I'll pass it on to Zen, see what they can do with it, if anything.
Normally requesting a MAC effectively gives thirty days notice. If not used within 30 days the MAC and the notice expires and your contract continues. The MAC is not counted as used until the new ISP takes over. If you are not using the MAC it would be best to tell Origin, but unless you sign a new contract with Origin I would say the old one is dead because Origin have broken it.
Just on phone to Zen now, said had to treat it as a new line and would have to move to ADSL first which cost £48 activation and takes 10 working days, then move to Fibre another 5-10 days.
Did you have to do this baz?

clifft, guess my MAC code is useless to Zen.
No - first I checked using the zen web site - this said I could get fibre
When on the phone the guy (Mick) checked too and it looked OK
If you use DSL checker what do you get?
My results should be attached
I get FTTC too according to the checker. I was on phone to a Kelly who only just got briefed on the Digital Region mess, will try phone again and get someone else

[Image: PTYTUQO.jpg]

All sorted now, cheers baz. Rang back up and spoke to Mick, same guy you had I presume and the ADSL to Fibre was because I gave them my MAC code. So others wanting to go to zen, do it as a new connection and don't give them your MAC code. They will request openreach to get the tag removed which takes 2-3 working days. Then they connect me to the fibre which takes another 10 days.

Glad it's all being sorted now, can't wait for my new 77Mbps connection. I asked if I was to download 1TB one month as an example, would my line be restricted, they told me they don't do any form of throttling, line shaping or fair usage policy etc, so I hope they stick to their word.
p.s I don't download that much

Aha finally, they must have took note from my email bombardment lol..I've sent 3 this week to them advising DR users will not be able to get a MAC I was concerned re their response.


The MAC code is not "useless" if you still have the SLU tag on the line. I can check for you (if I haven't already..I've lost count who I've checked for lol)
Ah right, I have a MAC code but they didn't take it off me, as the first time I gave them my MAC it would have been ADSL to Fibre with £48 connection fee instead of straight to Fibre with no connection fee.
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