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Full Version: Still can't place an order.... Help
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I was with Chess and after them messing up every ste of the way with me trying to migrate away I decided to stay until the end.

I'm now trying to order and being told there is still an active service on my line. I've emailed Chess but have haven't had a response yet. I presumed they would have ordered a cease for the 14th and that by now I would be able to order. How long does it take for the records on my line to be updated.

I'm actually in the USA at the moment but was hoping to have an order placed tobe provisioned as soon as I return.

Any advice?

Many thanks

Have a look on the Origin subforum as can take time. A lot of users from Origin were left with no servuce and are still waiting for tags to be cleared
PM me your landline no and I'll see if there is an open order.

Bar that, you will need to get a MAC from Chess or get them to place a cease order for you.
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