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Full Version: Councils close to signing "Superfast Broadband" contract with BT
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Let's hope this includes the notorious Sheffield and Attercliffe exchanges, can't see the councils agreeing to spend this money without them included.

But you never know..
Thought parts of Sheffield were excluded?
The article is very short.. I'm hoping that the councils have managed to negotiate something, a sacrifice of their first born infants perhaps.
My understanding is that the central funding allocation, and the core premise of BDUK, is to allow superfast broadband to be deployed to the more outlying rural areas and that "city centres" are excluded from BDUK planning because there is sufficient coverage there already!

BT/OR have ALWAYS stated that (for Attercliffe) they will not consider fibre enablement unless the government assists with the costs. Whether this can be shoe-horned in as part of the South Yorkshire BDUK agreement remains to be seen. But I'm not holding my breath!
I'm not an expert, but I'd say the council could (and bloody ruddy should) say "you can have £8m to enable [some random cabinet out in the sticks which is "rural" but relatively easy to connect], so long as you do Sheffield and Attercliffe exchanges" - that way the books would show the £8m funding was spent on rural stuff.

Correct, that is the way it should work, but it has to go out to tender, at which point BT et'al could try and submit a proposal that does / does not include the specific requirements.

This could be done in the form of an offer to exceed the remit in a rural setting, at the sacrafice of an urban setting. This is perfectly acceptable, as the BDUK cash as is stated, exclude the urban portions.

The councils would favour the rural agreement as it proves spending efficiency.
Can anybody verify the claim about BT VDSL cabs disappearing after DR ones appeared? Certainly not known any of that myself!

In fact, wasn't a BT cab *required* to split the connection?
(27-08-2014 03:05 PM)WillPS Wrote: [ -> ]In fact, wasn't a BT cab *required* to split the connection?
There are 2 types of BT cab. The small (well mostly) cabinets which have always been there. These are the local distribution boxes for the copper lines. The fibre cabinets (VDSL) are the new larger boxes, which contain the racks for the fibre connections. There are connections between the two boxes. For Digital Region there is another VDSL box which has its own connections to the BT distribution box. We have a full compliment of 3 boxes at the end of our road.
That could tie into to the letter I received last week from Clive Betts.I'm certain that both Sheffield and Attercliffe exchanges will be on the agenda.

Part of the letter below.

Quote:I have written to the Minister about this issue and asked for Government support for BT to upgrade the
Attercliffe exchange as part of the national commitment to deliver high speed broadband to rural and other
areas of the country. So far I have not received a reply and am chasing the Minister again for that.
I have had a number of complaints, particularly in the light of the termination of Digital Region, from other
users and am looking now to arrange a meeting between the Council, BT and the Chamber of Commerce to
see if together we can find some way forward.
I will let you know as soon as I get a response from the Minister and the outcome of the meeting I am trying
to arrange.
Yours sincerely
Clive Betts
MP for Sheffield South East
Looks like contracts are signed, and we are away..
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