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Full Version: Openreach Mk2 Socket Query
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Here is another query about my recent fibre installation...

My BT master socket is in my hallway but I've never had my fibre modem/router connected to it because there isn't a power socket in the near vicinity. Instead, I've got a phone socket in another room that is connected to the master socket via a thin cable running under the carpet. I've done tests in the past and there doesn't appear to be any loss of Internet speed when my kit is using this extension socket.

I told the engineer this over the phone and he has fitted the Openreach Mk2 faceplate to the non-master socket. He's also removed the ADSL filter from the master socket where I have a basic telephone located.
I've just noticed that now, when the telephone is answered, my Internet connection drops! I put another ADSL filter on the master socket and it seems to have fixed this problem.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about this please? Has the engineer screwed up?
yes the engineer has messed up - he should have replaced the faceplate on master socket or moved master socket for you
Kelly Communications engineer by any chance?
As others have said he screwed-up, but as you have found, using an ADSL filter has cured the problem. If it works satisfactorily then you may as well leave it as it is. Others have said that for 40/10, BT are allowing self-install for Infinity, which basically means plug the Home Hub 5 into any old filter in any socket. If however you're not getting the sync speed you hoped for then call them back.
You're right Chalky, it was indeed a Kelly Communications engineer. Are they a bit shoddy?

Thanks for the other information. I've not seen a MK2 faceplate before and was unsure if it had a special purpose. I'll do some testing via the master socket and see if performance is affected.

Much appreciated again!
Kelly Communications are the devil...nuff said!.
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