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Full Version: Plusnet - Come back Origin, all is forgiven!
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What a mistake choosing plusnet business was!

They mucked up the install and it ended up having to be expedited so we were without connectivity for two days - when we should have been sorted in plenty of time.

Then they have an outage a week ago for an hour or so. We see random connection drops overnight and then today we get massive latency and often packet loss - Call them up, no knowledge of any issues and I have to submit a traceroute in their online portal.

Now forgive me for thinking that's not really very useful for people having connectivity issues, especially when they hide how you actually submit any information to them behind several links. The best bit though - we can expect to wait 37 hours for a reply! So much for someone taking ownership of support issues!
[quote='KarlAustin' pid='13603' dateline='1410170501']
What a mistake choosing plusnet business was!

Can beat you on the 37 hour response time. Mine was over 48 hours. I swear plusnet leave it on purpose to the very last minute to respond which is disgraceful when in general, in the "real World" via emails, people expect a response within 4 hours MAX!

In the PlusNet members forum they just totally talk over you and ignore what you're saying in the first place! I was on adsl with plusnet over 4 years ago.... before BT took over plusnet...... now it's like conversing with robots rather than human beings! I also am tempted to go back to Origin and that's a massive deal for me to even consider and had a one hour typetalk (for deaf people) conversation with Origin last week and for me there was a massive improvement.

Origin could survive if they can understand it's not the "problems" they have that upset us all as it's more about "the way" they go about it. Those of us that care about FTTC are not stupid, we understand or recognise when we're being stonewalled or swept under the carpet or even disregarded.

CHALKY if you see this, take this as a lesson, "the way" you deal with people is unlawful, bigoted, ignorant, discriminatory and just wrong, that's why you need to be removed from these forums as administrator as you have no integrity, honesty or honour)

I know a couple of people in Biz Faults I may be able to contact to look at the issue for you?..Worth a shot perhaps?
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