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Full Version: Why can't my bro get fibre
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Ok strange one this and hoping someone can help
My brother lives in Dore and is connected to the beuchief exchange
On checking if he can get fibre from BT all the addresses on the street show up but not his but his address shows on sky's checker.

Anyone know why this is occurring he did say that his line was/is with sky but I didn't think this would stop him ordering a BT product.

As I said all his neighbours are showing as able to receive fibre.

Incidentally Sam knows shows as being able to receive fibre etc

Any and all help appreciated


It's worth finding out which cabinet he's connected to (the green box in the street)

Also worth checking with other providers (such as Zen)

BT's website told me fibre was not available, however I went to Zen and they connected me at 76Mb
I wondering if it's if he's on LLU with Sky therefore the BT checker can't see which cabinet he's on because it's not a 'BT line'.
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