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Full Version: CityFibre extend network to SY with £90m KCOM deal
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Quote:CityFibre, the fibre optic network infrastructure specialist providing an alternative to BT Openreach, is expanding its footprint having arranged a deal to acquire KCOM's national fibre and duct network assets.

The firm said that it is extending networks into Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

My article here:

More info on the deal here:
This looks promising - Gigabit Fibre here we come!!!
I don't want to know the price, seeing as its business-class.
Cityfibre is the company that worked with Sky & TalkTalk to build the 1000 mb network in York. As Sky has offices in Sheffield I expect some news in the future about a similar network here.
DarkLight gigabit internet coming to Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster

CityFibre has announced the signing of a launch partner agreement with Exa Networks for its acquired networks in the Sheffield city region.

The latest six-year, £3.3m deal commits Bradford-based ISP, Exa Networks to deliver 250 school and business connections under an existing national framework agreement, focused on the company's network in Sheffield, and also brings the benefits of gigabit connectivity to schools and businesses in Doncaster and Rotherham.
At £299 ex VAT for 100Mbit, £499 for Gigabit, (paid annually on a 3 year contract) that's a bit more than £35/month. Wink They are basically leased lines with a 1:1 contention ratio.

Quote:With 15 km of "dark fibre" in Sheffield it partnered with ISP, ASK4.

I'm getting some serious de-ja-vu here.

Quote:CityFibre has joined with the likes of Virgin Media and Zayo (who purchased South Yorkshire assets from the failed Digital Region project) to oppose Ofcom's proposals to allow providers to access BT's "dark fibre" lines.

That stings. So Zayo are doing sweet FA with the majority of the fibre they bought but they are opposed to letting providers use BT's fibre?

Its all rather confusing as why are TalkTalk/Sky not partnering with Zayo then if they already have fibre in the ground?
The estimated live date is November/December 2016 and a number of launch events are scheduled to take place next month.
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