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I believe in being fully transparent wherever possible and I'm going to demonstrate this belief now.

This forum is run by volunteers for the benefit of the community. We spend our spare time making sure that the forum is a helpful resource for everyone who visits. We are also human beings.

Whilst we are tolerant of most things, we will not accept any kind of abuse towards any of our members, moderators and administrators.

After certain events have taken place, actually mainly due to the actions of the user mentioned in this thread, the forum has a warning system in place. In extreme circumstances, a warning will be issued against a user's account. Once the user has recieved three warnings, the forum software will place a ban on that user.

As we've said before on this forum, we don't censor or remove posts unless we absolutely have to and we certainly don't ban people unless, after several warnings, they are unable to behave in an acceptable manner.

In the case of KingAl, this user made some very racist comments towards Origin Broadband which compared them to a former dictatorship. Initally posts were moderated to exclude certain language in the posts which the user was warned about. The user did not heed this warning, a member of the Forum Team decided it was neccessary therefore to put all of this users' posts under moderation, this means that they have to be approved by a member of the Board Team before they appear publically on the forum.

This user continued to make inappropriate remarks and then turned to attacking myself in particular (after previously helping this user) which included threatening e-mails to my personal e-mail address. In the interest of being transparent, I have posted these below as links. They contain very strong language.

The attached screenshot is the notification that the user was banned after receiving the second e-mail. There were subsequent e-mails to this one which are of a similar vein.

The user has also accused me of being an Origin Broadband employee, spy and other such things. I can confirm in writing that other than being a customer of Origin Broadband, I have never been affiliated with them in any other way.

Today has been my first day off work this calendar year, and to visit the forum with this particular user starting to behave in the way they had previously was not something I needed to be dealing with. I hope the forum understands why this particular user had to be dealt with in the manner that they were dealt with today.

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08-09-2014, 07:21 PM
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RE: KingAl/KingAl72
To continue on from @Chalky, I originally deleted the thread by KingAl and put him on moderation due to the content. I was not prepared for this forum being taken offline or any legal action taken against the moderators and owners of the forum by Origin.

Shortly after the post was deleted and the user put on moderation, the rest of the admin team were informed of my actions. Next came the abusive messages and posts towards @Chalky which caused the user to be banned initially.

As @Chalky says we are all providing support in our own spare time and will moderate the forum as necessary and if this means banning users or moderating posts then be it.

As you can see today, the user has registered under a different name and started the abuse immediately and for this has been banned again.

If anyine is not happy with the actions from a moderator then please raise concerns and we will look into it as a team to see if we had made the correct decision or could have done better. But we don't an open slanging match on the forum as it doesn't prove anything and could have an adverse effect on the forum overall.

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