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RiPWiRE still an active company
22-04-2012, 11:41 AM
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RiPWiRE still an active company
After looking at a few various bits on the internet relating to Digital Region and the ISP’s I thought I’d have a look at the wind up operations of RiPWiRE.

I went on companies’ house to have a look at them as they are/were a limited company. To my amazement it appears that RiPWiRE are still showing as an active company and there is no mention of them going into administration or any administrators for the business been appointed.

It seems a little strange as most companies would be showing more or less straight away as in liquidation or administrators been appointed and limited companies registered office details changing to reflect this, however for RiPWiRE this isn’t the case.

I wonder if they are going to change their company name and start trading again. Or are they going to go into some other area of business under a different name? Its certainly raised my suspicions and I’d love to know what there up too!

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