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Chess - Fraud Monitor
13-08-2013, 08:56 PM
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Chess - Fraud Monitor
Has anyone else on Chess got their bill today and noticed the addition of the 'Fraud Monitor' service on their line?

I hit the roof when I saw it an hour ago. About £4+ per month extra... Never had this before and not happy one bit. Was enough having to ring about the contract from the LBO fiasco.

[Image: KghAdwG.jpg]


[Image: vyCOppo.jpg]

A quick search brings me to this page on their website... Seems like an 'optional' service that they have decided to give me without my concent.

Also, this was never part of the LBO contract.

Anybody else got this? Would be nice to know if they just decided to give it me when I argue with some poor worker tomorrow. Angry
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