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Moved from Chess to DamTel?
27-01-2014, 08:22 PM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
I've just joined this forum after coming upon this thread. I have exactly the same problem as IRATECALLER. I had a phone call in November/December from DamTel, asking if I wanted to switch back from Chess to DamTel. I have two lines which Chess say moved to DamTel on 24/12/13. One was blocked on 20/01/14 and the other on 24/01/14.

I have rung DamTel daily and have managed to get through most of the time. First of all they said it was a fault with the lines and they kept saying that they were getting BT to check the line. They have not told me what BT discovered. I suspect they haven't even been asked to check the lines. Today, they said that the lines may be still be with Chess. I rang Chess who informed me that the lines were transferred on 24/12.

I think there is something odd going on in DamTel, but in the meantime, I am desperate to get my numbers back working again. one number is on all my packaging and marketing so I cannot afford to change it and I am losing business too.

I am at a loss where to turn next.
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
Try Ofcom, other than that not sure - my personal opinion would be to move line back to BT

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27-01-2014, 11:36 PM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
Oh finally someone who has the problem as me. I feel your pain ATALOSS! Called them this morning and finally got someone on the line. Was told the line was at fault and BT were fixing it. Was told it would be completed later in the day for sure. After a few hours, the line was still blocked so I called again. Was told just a couple more hours and it'll be fixed. Again, a lie. I called once again and was told problem was fixed and just waiting for BT to finalise things and guaranteed to be back up and running in 30 minutes. An hour later, still not fixed so called them again and told "any minute now", again a lie. Now 5 hours and still same exact problem. Our line went down sometime before 4pm on Friday 24th, so has been over 78 hours. I cannot imagine the amount of business we have lost in that time. A far cry from the 1-2 hours they originally promised me. Definitely something not right at the company. Despite the impression their website gives of a professional company, I am pretty sure it is far from the case. Called them at least 6 times and each time I called it has been the same bloke answering the phone so very unlikely it's a big firm. Line fault is a lie in my view. They obviously cannot get the line back up so just giving false excuses. I'm thinking they either they are in financial difficulty and cannot pay BT for the line or they have breached something and cannot resolve it or do not know when they can. Hence they just delay delay delay until it gets fixed or they feed us crap until they pull the plug completely and we get left hung out to dry. ATALOSS, please keep me informed how you get on and I'll do the same. In a way I'm relieved to know I'm not alone but it's just I wouldn't wish what I'm going through on my worse enemy!
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28-01-2014, 09:16 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
I've been considering going back to Chess. I know it's not an immediate solution but I can't see any other way of keeping my numbers. I have lost faith with DamTel who I used to rate as a company. I shall be contacting DamTel as soon as I get in the office this morning, but I don't have much hope of a resolution.
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28-01-2014, 09:37 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
I have a friend who`s been with Damtel....He`s had a letter from a firm called Nine telecom, the position seems to be that Damtel haven`t paid the wholesale broadband provider called Nine telecom, Nine telecom have offered my friend the chance for them to take over his contract and reconnect him straight away or find another supplier.....he`s switching to talk talk at the minute.

It would be nice to read on here if any of you get sorted, i really feel sorry for you, if you search Nine it come straight up
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28-01-2014, 09:49 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
I've had a similar letter from Nine Telecom but Damtel told me it was a scam. Does anyone have any knowledge of Nine Telecom? I don't want to leap from frying pan to fire.
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28-01-2014, 10:47 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
I have not heard from Nine nor heard of them before. I can imagine why you are skeptical of trusting them. Southender, did he say how quick Talktalk are able to switch him over ? Can they still do the switch if DamTel doesn't respond? Also, ATALOSS, what did Chess say? Can they do the switch and how soon?
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28-01-2014, 10:55 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
Talk Talk have given him a connection date on the 11th february, he`s 82 now and winding his business down anyway, all i can say is if that letter was a scam they have pretty good inside information, his line was turned off exactly as the letter stated.

All i can guess is Damtel were reselling phone/broadband provision purchased from Nine Wholesale and taking a commission from it.

On his TalkTalk dashboard it shows his number as INACTIVE but nobody from them has written to say it can`t be done, YET.
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28-01-2014, 10:57 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
So let's just rewind a second because I'm confused here. Is DamTel buying the product from Chess or does DamTel buy from NineTel who resell from Chess?

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28-01-2014, 10:59 AM
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RE: Moved from Chess to DamTel?
Just called Ofcom and they confirmed Nine Group are the wholesalers and they have been contacting poeple before the disconnection. I however have not heard from them yet. I will be giving them a call now to see what will happen but Ofcom say that it is unlikely I will have our phone number back once it has been disconnected (they said it gets put into quarentine).
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